The Show Garden Garden Show

img_9723It was great to see so many people at The Showgarden Garden Show, showing an interest in the fate of the new community garden spaces and feasting together, around a table created entirely from left over building materials.

On our way to the community garden site, the guided walk took us from some newly established gardens, through the allotments; its veg and polytunnel plots, beehives and chicken runs, to the community orchard. It was a chance to see some of the potential that lies in the land and to hear how people have come together to create a peaceful, green oasis in the heart of their own neighbourhood. I hope it proved inspirational and prompted some of you to think about getting involved in the work that lies ahead in developing the community gardens, however that happens.

As part of The Showground of Real Living, the showgarden is a test space. During a spring and summer of experimentation, we discovered easy ways to create an inexpensive, attractive, fruitful, and wildlife-friendly space. If you would like to take a closer look, I’d be happy to show it to you.

And it’s been good to see so many people taking and growing plants from the gift box outside the Showground. I’d like to keep this kind of plant giving going, so if you want to gift some plants or seedlings to other people in the local area, please get in touch.

I’ve been playing the part of Lorelei Lodestar, Showground Gardener for some time now, but my work is not yet done. The Showgarden of Real Living may fall quiet over the colder months, but the Gardener in Residence will be doing what all gardeners do in winter: thinking about the season ahead.

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