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The Showgarden of Real Living has been growing for little while now. Every day sees it changing. And you can have a look at it anytime you like, by taking a peek through the special viewing gates created by local carpenter Naveen Sedley. Just come along to The Showground of Real Living at 93 Addenbrookes Road and head down the side of the house…

The Showgarden has been created using plants grown by the Gardener in Residence and the people of Trumpington. So far we have spent very little on florae. The flower and vegetable beds you see have all been created using donated plants and seedlings started this spring and summer.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped provide the essential green ingredients that have made it possible for me to show what can be achieved on a small budget, in a short amount of time. I hope you’re feeling inspired to get out there, get gardening and get gifting yourself!p1020360

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