Big up unseen London!

If anything positive can be said about the horrific events of the past week…

It’s been so refreshing to see so many ordinary, working-class, eloquent, intelligent, often very young, Londoners being interviewed on the mainstream media. I’m watching a young “eyewitness” to the terrorist attack in Finsbury Park, Abdul, answering questions and giving his account so clearly, calmly and cleverly it hurts.

Now they’ve let this genie out the bottle, they can’t put it back. These people are clearly just as (even more?) capable of running the country as the ruling-classes who, until now, have been able to convince the proles that only they have the ability to lead us.

The dignified self-restraint shown by these people, in the face of such provocation (whether terrorist or capitalist), has been awe-inspiring. Their ability to organise and manage their own care and recovery, in the absence of state support, is self-reliance in action. Anarchy doesn’t look quite so scary now does it.

Big up unseen London!

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