The Public Shed
at Clay Farm Community Garden



The Public Shed project brings residents from across the Cambridge Southern Fringe development area together, to explore the topography of an evolving community, in order to co-design and develop a public space for social growing and gathering. This loosely defined objective, acknowledges participants’ key role in determining aims and actions.

The work takes the form of a site-specific, process-led, iterative installation, co-created with local residents: a collaborative approach that invites participants to rehearse and perform community, until such time as one emerges.

I facilitate work on the land, holding regular gardening sessions and classes. By identifying local assets (skills, materials and opportunities), I support volunteers to organise activities on site that promote community building and cohesion. My interests and practice embrace the physical labour of making a Landscape that welcomes and stimulates.

Clay Farm Community Garden inhabits a space that lies on the boundary between new and old neighbourhoods. It is a crossing point between the urban and the rural, the past and the future, the managed and the wild. I work with the flora, fauna and folk that live in and around the community garden, to grow and nurture a living landscape that roots this borderline in the consciousness and daily lives of its surrounding inhabitants.


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